Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Support for the "iraqi resistance" 

We read in La Vanguardia Foix's opinion about Iraq:
Iraq installed in chaos

LLUÍS FOX - 03/05/2005 - 22.02 hours
Iraqis hope for better times. But they aren't here yet. The impulse of their exemplary democratic participation has vanished among ethnic disputes to obtain representation in the new government and, especially, because of the attacks that, dayly, cause victims among iraqis and foreign soldiers.
The war that costed tenths of thousands of deaths was a fiasco, and the reconstruction of a country in which there is a constant dripping of victims is also a fiasco. The world's first power cannot base its hegemony on force alone, leaving the law out. [The U.S.] will probably lose and be forced to abandon the country as it did in Vietnam thirty years ago.
On the one hand, Foix talks about "exemplary democratic participation" in Iraq, on the the other hand he talks about a "constant dripping of victims" and "fiascos".... This double talk is typical of false pacifists. These false pacifists reluctantly and grudgingly recognize the obvious democratic advances in Iraq but, next, waste no time pointing out the dripping of deaths, failing to also tell us that these deaths are the handywork of the "iraqi resistance" they support and whose sure victory they augur...

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